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From dacha with love

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

In Moscow most people are living in flats, mostly 25 stock high. Traffic is moving through the city like a bunch of ants and also below sea level there is a lot going on. The Russian metro transports every day more then 65000 people. Imagine that!

People from Moscow live a hectic live, going to work takes average around 1,5 hour and they are used to work six days a week. You will understand that they need to have some time to relax and reload their batteries. This is what they do on the dacha and exactly this is what we

are going to show you in our book "From dacha with love."

In the summer of 2019 we, my wife Lina and I, were traveling around Moscow searching for

interesting places. The further from Moscow the more the landscape is changing, while managing in traffic gets more and more easier. Finally you have the feeling that you are almost alone in the landscape.

Our first visit we planned to stop at Igor's house. He is the father of Gosse, a good friend of Lina's son Vlad. He lives in Moscow where he works as a manual-therapist.

In the end of April he is starting to work on the dacha and from then on he will be there as much as possible. Only when he has some clients he returns to Moscow, traveling by train and bus. His dacha is about 85 km from Moscow City and it takes him about 2 hours to get back home.

Together with Igor and Vildan, another friend, we went fishing for Crayfish. Close to the dacha we have the river Oka. Igor loves going there and when he is going the whole family goes with him. On the bottom of this river you can find a lot of Crayfish, at least when you know where to fish. A great catch and some really delicious food as a result!

We had an amazing time at Igor's dacha. A lot of friends came to visit us, so in order to Russian traditions the table is far from empty. But before you start to enjoy you first need to work a bit in the garden. Everybody somehow knows what to do and it is fun seeing all these people having a good time in their grocery garden.

In our book you can read the whole story, see a lot more stunning pictures and also get the recipe to make this crispy Crayfish. As a food photographer i really love visiting these kind of places. Instead of working millimeter proof, like in packaging photography, you here have compleet freedom. Quicker, rough and more accidentally pictures as a result.

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