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Johan Visschedijk started his career in 1988. After being a member of the top 5 food photographers in the Netherlands, working for all major brands in the world, he branched out to automotive photography and film direction.


As a food photographer his work has been valued worldwide as highly aesthetic and to some extend polished to get the outmost results. In his perception a good image is created by dedication, emotions and an excellent understanding of the clients demands.

Using high-end technology, having the best people in his team and with his indefinite knowledge of the usage of light, each creation should reach the ultimate result.

In 2002 he founded Limelight-today specialized in food photography and car photography. In the year 2007 he began to work with cgi technology working for car brands like Audi. Even for Gazprom he has done a great cgi job in Russia, visualizing their petrol stations. A few years ago Johan shot his first moving images.

As  a food photographer and cinematographer he wishes to establish a particular style. That style must be fairly aesthetic, and to some extent polished, but the main idea about, let's say food, is that it must be very tasty and mouth watering!

Beside food photography he likes to shoot people, car's and stills. Studio or location work, Johan loves to walk on the ultimate edge. Where other photographers might stop he will continue.

So now and then he works on 8x10" Polaroid material using his 8x10" old school camera. "The effect of an ordinary Polaroid is every time amazing!" Old school techniques can be very interesting nowadays. In February I started working with Collodion Wet-plates. Hope to show you soon some results.

Besides being a passionated photographer Johan has also a big hart

for ultra-trail running. "Being outside alone with nature is just great!"

By the way can you find Johan in this landscape??

Mouth watering!

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