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Posh Portraits

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

When Liesbeth Ronden, an Amsterdam based designer, calls me to do a portrait shoot for a company in the healthcare sector I was a bit surprised. Normally she calls me for food photography which is my core business. I like to do photography in general so I am more then happy to do portraits as well. Liesbeth made a brand new graphic style for the firm where color is the main part. These colors also have been painted on some walls in their office. Pretty cool. These painted walls will make the background in our portraits as well, so in the end they can make a colorful photo wall with these portraits in their office. Together with Liesbeth we are shooting the first 10 portraits. Red, yellow and green are the background colors.

It is a warm yellow and we asked the people to wear something which matches the background in order to get some harmony.

I tried to make a strong and interesting silhouette without getting extreme. People where free to look straight into the camera or just above it.

The light has a focus on the face and in this area also more contrast and highlights. They all had to do their own hair and make-up because of the budget, but it worked out well.

In the end when you see all the portraits together the effect works very nicely.

Scrolling through social media you directly recognize that people work at Care Effect because of the style and color. In their LinkedIn profile the color pops up and the portrait works almost like a stamp.

On the right side you see them all in a funny "Happy Eastern" card and you see what I mean when I say that these colors connect.

Below five in a row. Colors, light and perspective are making it to one family. That's what you can get if you ask a designer or art-director to think along with the photographer. What on first sight seems to be a simple portrait in the end almost becomes a brand.

Check their site at fore more info. Want to see some work from Liesbeth then go directly to she makes products talk!

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